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  • About Faro Trailers

    Faro Trailers is experience, professionalism and commitment. We meet the expectations of customers with efficient and reliable service.


Trailers 1 axle unbraked

tractus_plus_tractus_plandeka_retusz.jpgOur offer includes single axle trailers manufactured of durable galvanized sheet. Due to the precise design of the trailer, Pondus, Tractus and Tractus + guarantee a high mileage without adjustment and maintenance. In addition, the basic equipment can be extended with a cover with a frame, or side extensions and mesh sides extensions.

Trailers 2 axles unbraked

solidus_01.jpgMore demanding customers can obtain two-axle trailers: Solidus, Solidus + and Magicus. Their special bolted construction means that in a few moments you can disassemble the sides and use the trailer as a platform. Due to this, it is also possible to replace most of the elements. The complement is made by flooring made of non-slip, waterproof plywood.

Trailers 2 axles braked


Faro brake trailers are the offer for professionals. The braking system of well-known companies ALKO and KNOTT guarantees safety, and a strong and durable construction based on the versatile use of Solidus MAX trailers.

Special trailers

aqua_02.jpgSpecial equipment requires special transport. It's the reason we have got in our offer Aqua trailer suitable for transporting boats or jet skis. The steel elements have been covered with a thick layer of zinc, what effects the resistant to corrosion. Guide rollers and side rollers protect the hull against damage during loading and unloading.


kolo_podporowe_fi_48.jpgWe also sell accessories for trailers. Starting with a full range of spare parts, by the wheels used for trailers and carriages, to the sides and cover.