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Magicus Max

Product description Magicus Max

MAGICUS is a modern line of braked trailers with wheels under a loading plaftorm, made with the best available materials on the Polish market. The chassis is two axles and offered in three DMC ranges.  The trailer is made of sheets SGD220 + Z275, where in the thickness of the zinc coating is 275g / m2 (Class A). Magicus is screwable and riveted and it’s parts are easy to replace in case of damage or exploitation. Structural strength provides frame made of cold-formed stringers in the shape of U, and the right amount of cross beams giving adequate rigidity and durability. The sides of the trailer can easily be removed and used as a platform. The trailer was made on components known firm STEELPRESS, KNOTT, AND AL-KO

Standard equipment

  • homologated Knott V-draw bar
  • trailer’s sides were made of galvanized sheet - thickness 1,25 mm (A class)
  • front and back sides are fully openable
  • left and right sides are fully removable
  • towing hitch made by Knott
  • floor is made of waterproof non-slippery plywood – thickness 12 mm
  • 2 axles braked Knott
  • steel mudguards
  • jockey wheel
  • wheels 165/70 R13 or 1651R3C
  • load securing buckle 6pcs in floor and 8 in frame
  • rails for ramps transportation
  • side rolls helping install the tilt
  • electrical installation 12V (in accordance with traffic regulations)
  • 13 pins  plug

Additional equipment:

  • the frame with a cover H-1100mm, H-800 mm
  • flat cover
  • spare wheel with bracket
  • mesh sides extension
  • sides extension
  • plywood sides
  • ramps

Additional informations:

  • EU homologation (possibility of registration in any EU country)
  • 2 years warranty


This offer is solemnly for information. Considering constant development of our company the producer keeps the right to changes and technical modifications.


Product specification of Magicus Max

Dimensions of cargo space (cm)300 x 150
Side height (cm)35/45
Dimensions of cargo space (cm)300 x 150
Side height (cm)35/45
sidessolid metal / solid metal, plywood
Permissible gross weight min. - max. (kg)1000-1400 / 1400-2000 / 2000-2700
Curb weight (kg)590 / 620
Capacity min. - max. (kg)380-780 / 410-810
Wheels165/70R13, 165R13C

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Product specification of Magicus Max

Dimensions of cargo space (cm) Side height (cm) sides Permissible gross weight min. - max. (kg) Curb weight (kg) Capacity min. - max. (kg) Wheels
300 x 150 35/45 solid metal 1000-1400 590 410-810 165/70R13, 165R13C
solid metal, plywood 1000-1400 620 380-780
solid metal 1400-2000 590 410-810
solid metal, plywood 1400-2000 620 380-780
solid metal 2000-2700 590 410-810
solid metal, plywood 2000-2700 620 380-780